The Pack Bag Collection is inspired by unrelated objects to world of fashion as, for example, paper containers for sweets. Packaging becomes an ironic and original bag. Mini Bags, Cases and Backpacks are designed inspiring to the lines of food containers. Passion for Swedish-Nordic design, is recognizable not only in minimal details but also for names and graphics used for brochure about every models of bag: and this is a clear recall to a famous Swedish furniture factory that sells every item with its own assembly instructions. Actually all of this is good to highlight the funny side of work and the uniqueness of the product. Every item of this collection is handmade without using of industrial machines, just with Italian craftsmen expert hands work. They work readily with great ability and professionalism in order to produce a fashion accessory that's an original Made in Italy.


Mini Satchel leather, brass details with galvanic gold.Brass Studs at the base and Ribbon closure brass customized, realized with con high quality leather.

Pocket and interior lining and logo engraved. Adjustable leather shoulder strap and removable. 

Leather Bag, brass details with galvanic gold. Brass Studs at the base and closure customized, realized with con high quality leather. Pocket and interior lining and logo engraved. Adjustable leather shoulder strap and removable.

Handbag leather, brass details with galvanic gold. Brass Studs at the base and brass closure personalized, realized with con high quality leather. Geometric cuts that make it unique. Pocket and interior lining and logo engraved.

Backpack rigid leather, brass details with galvanic gold. Brass Studs at the base and brass closure personalized,realized with con high quality leather.Dual use, extending the shoulder becomes a shoulder bag. Pocket and interior lining and logo engraved hot.

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