Alik is a Creative Studio that designs projects that include various fields, such as Graphics, Web and Creative Design. We are looking forward to presenting the project we are currently working on, namely the “Baggy Bagz”  collection. Baggy Bag has the peculiarity of being made without seams, Keeps the construction concept inspired by the world of packaging, used in the past and characterizes our design, as well as clean lines and geometry games,  fully reflects our style and brand identity. Thanks to the consistency and thickness of the leather,  Baggy bag is mounted as a cardboard box and is assembled using brass studs that characterize its design.  Diamond brass closure is also recognizable as it recalls the Alik brand logo.

The collection consists of a single model in 3 sizes (Large, Medium and Small) in 5 color variations, which can be mixed with each other by obtaining innumerable variants. Customization is another point in your favor as Baggy Bag gives you the ability to mix the 4 elements that characterize it like the handle, the shoulder strap, the flap and the box, in the 5 colors presented at the time:Taupe, Red, Yellow, Black and Green, so the possible variations are infinite! Moreover, all items are interchangeable and can be individually purchased at a price affordable to anyone.

Baggy Bag is very versatile and comfortable as it has a removable handle and pull-out strap, plus its minimal design and yet captivating, allows you to wear it on different occasions and moments of the day. Baggy Bag is a 100% Made In Italy product, handcrafted and not - industrial. The only materials used, leather and metal, are all produced in Italy. The bags are made at a professional artisan workshop and assembled at Alik Studio. The idea of the Baggy Bag project, as well as the graphics that frame our bags, are the property of Alik Studio.

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