Printed illustrations

120 x 160 cm

70 x100 cm

50 x 70 cm

Original Pillows

Pillows with printed illustrations

45 x 45 cm

Coming soon

Kitchen accessories

Cups and kitchen accessories, decorations and prints fabrics.

Coming soon


Handmade decorated plates.

All different and unique!

Coming soon


Unique items for handmade flower pot with original design and made with biodegradable and eco-friendly materials.

Coming soon

Unique stools

Handmade stools made with biodegradable and eco-friendly materials.

Coming soon
Alik Home

Unfortunately the modern furniture isn't within the financial reach of many, us to ALIK STUDIO we want to provide affordable modern home furnishing options without sacrificing design and your wallet.

Design Standards & Goals for Our Project
These are the general ideas and themes we like to promote:
Affordable & Accessible
Our product is in the blackberries affordable option than IKEA alternatives, with the difference that the products are unique and customizable.
Durable or Degradable
Our aim with every product is to ensure that is able to last indefinitely.
Recycled + Reusable
Reusing discarded materials is important to us. New materials are used thoughtfully and sparingly.
Flawed + Fabulou
We purposely design with imperfection in mind. Scuffs and scratches enhance the look of every project's result.
Healthy + Whole
Our products focus on affordable, sustainable uses of natural materials such as wood, concrete, metal and non-plasticized, low-VOC finishes.